【2024-2025】Yale MBA(SOM) 出願締切日&Essay課題発表

Yale MBA(SOM) の出願締切日&Essay課題が発表されました。

MBA Application Deadlines

Round 1 September 10, 2024
Round 2 January 7, 2025
Round 3 April 8, 2025



Please respond to one (1) of the three essay prompts below. The word limit (though not necessarily the goal!) is 500 words.:

1) Describe the biggest commitment you have ever made.
Why is this commitment meaningful to you and what actions have you taken to support it?
2) Describe the community that has been most meaningful to you.
What is the most valuable thing you have gained from being a part of this community and what is the most important thing you have contributed to this community?
3) Describe the most significant challenge you have faced.
How have you confronted this challenge and how has it shaped you as a person?


Chizuko Okada

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