LL.M. Letters of Recommendationを分析 Columbia LL.M. 2021年入学に向けて

前回の投稿に続き、Columbia LL.M.のFAQサイトから推薦状依頼に関する重要ポイントを確認していきたいと思います。

Q.Who should write my letters of recommendation?

We prefer that you have at least one letter from a law professor who taught you in class and one from a work supervisor if you have work experience other than internships during law school.

Your recommender should know you well and be able to candidly evaluate your work and academic potential. They should describe their relationship to you, the duration of your relationship, and as many specifics regarding your experience as possible. (For example, a former instructor might name the course that you took with them, your performance in the class, your ranking against other students taught, etc.).

推薦状を構成するには、推薦者が出願者を評価していることを証明する具体的なエピソード(as many specifies regarding your experience as possible)が必要です。各エピソードを通して自らのスキル、専門知識、経験、パーソナリティーをアピールいただくことが重要です。効果的な推薦状を推薦者に執筆してもらうためには、まず出願者が推薦状の提出目的を理解し、推薦者とのコミュニケーションをとるための準備として、推薦状依頼前にアピール事項につながるエピソードの選定とその理由、そして推薦状の問いを理解が必要になります。

Do not submit letters from prominent persons who have not taught you or supervised your work or family and friends.

この回答はColumbia LL.M.に限らず、全てのスクールへ出願する際に適用可能です。推薦者の知名度のみに依存した推薦者選定はやめましょう。

Can I submit more than two letters of recommendation?
Yes, although we urge you to submit only two letters of recommendation. If you feel you have a compelling reason to submit an additional letter of recommendation, you should give a detailed explanation in the “Recommenders” section of the online application. Nevertheless, your application will be considered complete once two letters have been submitted to LSAC’s Credential Assembly Service.


Can letters of recommendation be emailed or faxed directly to Columbia?
No. All letters must be submitted through LSAC’s Credential Assembly Service. All letters that are mistakenly sent directly to the Office of Graduate Legal Studies rather than to LSAC will be discarded.

Columbia LL.M.プログラム用の推薦状はLSAC経由で提出ください。締め切り日が近づいているという理由で、LSACを経由せず直接LL.M.プログラムへ提出することはやめましょう。

How should my recommenders submit their letters?
Your recommenders can submit their letters either electronically, via LSAC’s new Electronic Recommendation system (also called E-LORs), or by mail to LSAC.

If your recommender uses the E-LOR system, be sure they include a work email address and contact information in their letter so we can contact them.


If your recommender sends the letter by mail, it must be written on official letterhead and addressed to the Office of Graduate Legal Studies. If your recommender is unable to print the letter on official letterhead, ask them to include an explanation.


In the “Recommenders” section of the Columbia Law School online LL.M. Application, you must also include a work email address for each recommender so we can contact them should we have questions about the letter or your candidacy. We cannot accept personal email addresses such as Gmail, Yahoo!, or Hotmail for recommenders. If your recommender does not have an official work email address, you must explain on the online application why they do not.


What if my recommenders cannot write in English?
Submit certified translations together with the original letters. We reserve the right to disqualify letters written or translated, in part or whole, by the applicant.

推薦者がコンテンツを英語で書けない場合は、翻訳者に翻訳証明書(Translation Certificate)を発行してもらい、出願書類としてご提出ください。上記にも書かれている通り、出願者が推薦状を書き、英訳することは決して行わないでください。

Eiki Satori