MBA直前準備コース【MBA ComEx : MBA Communication Excellence】体験授業


アゴス・ジャパンでは今年度合格者の皆様を中心にMBAの授業でメインとなるケーススタディに対して、その準備と訓練、また授業で生き残るための英語ディスカッション・スキルを養成する「MBA ComEx」を開講いたします。

皆様は“Cold calling”という言葉を知っていますか?



■ Cold calling
■ Teamwork, team discussion
■ Case analysis
■ Class discussion
■ Presentation
■ Case study report writing

MBA ComEx : MBA Communication Excellence講座詳細はこちら(PDF)

2019年以降にMBAを目指しているアゴス受講生の方(TOEFL Speaking 20点以上/IELTS Speaking 6.5以上お持ちの方)


Kevin Knight
Dr. Kevin Knight (PhD in Linguistics, MBA, MPIA) has eight years of experience as an MBA/graduate school admissions counselor (onsite and online) in Japan. In AGOS, his primary focus is preparing clients to communicate effectively in admissions interviews. His doctoral research on leadership communication (i.e., discourse) was primarily under the supervision of Emeritus Professor Christopher Candlin, who is a globally recognized expert in the professional communication field.

Congratulations on being admitted to an MBA program! You have just taken your first step to acquiring an MBA. However, do you have any idea about how hard it will be to pass your MBA classes and be awarded an MBA degree?  Do you understand the communication challenges that you will face in your MBA program overseas? Are you prepared to work together and compete with your highly qualified MBA classmates? Do you know how to collaborate effectively with your professors? Are you ready to analyze and debate business case studies alone and with others? MBA ComEx is here to help you to take the next step to success! In MBA ComEx, you will work with other MBA applicants to analyze and simulate challenging situations with students and professors. And throughout the course, you will create a personalized strategic communication plan to help you succeed inside and outside of the classroom! Be prepared before you go abroad! Get ready for the race in MBA ComEx!


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