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We at AGOS Japan support people who are active on the global stage through education and human resource exchanges.

The Aims of AGOS Japan

Tadashi Yokoyama, Representative-Chairman of AGOS Japan Maximize your value

Tadashi Yokoyama, Chairman of the Board - AGOS Japan

Chairman of the Board - Profile Tadashi Yokoyama
Born in Tokyo in 1958, he lived in Italy for two years from the age of 14 and for about ten years in the U.S. from the age of 16. He graduated from the Linguistics Department of UCLA and, while a student there, he was active as Japan's first NCAA basketball team head manager, thus he has a very unique background of experience. Since 1984, he has been involved in language education, guidance in studies overseas and in academic associations related to international education. Overseas, he has been invited to participate as a seminar instructor studying abroad in Japan, achieving the role of one of the most outstanding figures in guidance for studying abroad in Japan. He provides studying abroad guidance and solutions taking advantage of his thorough familiarity with the needs of companies, universities and individual students as well as the perspective of admissions officials and has earned the strong trust of people in the field of international education.
What is AGOS

What is AGOS

AGOS (an ancient Greek word) means to "lead" in English with such connotations as "leader","guide" "success",and "lead out of".
The company name expresses the hope that we have of ensuring that individuals appear on the stage where they are best able to demonstrate their own distinctive capabilities by providing guidance and the impetus for the optimal demonstration of the individuality and the reason for the existence of each individual and stimulating them to action. We provide the impetus to enable each to realize success in their own way. That is our mission.

Our Vision

"Broadening Japan and approaching the world through education and human exchanges" and "gaining an international perspective while in Japan and Venturing out into the world as representatives of Japan" - that is our motto. The AGOS vision is to place importance on accepting everything including nationality, gender, age and occupation as elements of your own individuality without being bound by the concept of "Japan" while urging you to intently contemplate your own role and reason for existence. Ensuring that you discover the impetus and awareness of growth as professional "international human resources" who move into action on your own and are influential and respected in international society through education and human exchanges - that is our desire.

We provide opportunities for international education with the aim of realizing "value that emerges that distinctly reflects you yourself", i.e., your own distinctive self. We are waiting for you, our team members, with the hope of becoming involved as a partner that shares your objectives and dreams.

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