USC IBEAR MBA (1年間) 説明会

ロサンゼルスの南カリフォルニア大学(USC),Marshall School of BusinessのIBEAR MBAプログラムをご紹介します。

IBEAR (International Business Education and Research) MBAプログラムは、Mid-Career(中間管理職)マネージャー対象のインターナショナルビジネスにフォーカスした12ヶ月の集中プログラムです。世界各国から学生が集まり、多様性に富んだ環境で世界トップクラスの授業を受けることができます。

The IBEAR MBA is a top-ranked, full-time, one-year, accelerated program for mid-career professionals seeking leadership roles in international business. With a strong global focus,  a typical IBEAR class features students from 12-16 countries and a diverse range of industries and professions. With an average age of 35 and 12 years of work experience , IBEAR participants come from Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America to earn the USC Marshall MBA degree in 12 months of intensive study. You can review a class list of the current IBEAR class here

Some unique features of the IBEAR MBA Program:

Scholarships (IBEAR Global Business Fellow Award) of up to $45,000 available for highly-qualified individuals.
Rent subsidies of $9,000/year for single apartments or $15,000/year for family apartments, are available in the “IBEAR Residential Complex.” About 80 percent of the class chooses to live in this complex.

International Business Consulting Projects (IBCP); IBEAR’s capstone course. Over a 4-month period, teams of 5-6 students work with a client to solve one of its important business challenges. Travel for research (international or domestic) is often a component of projects. Travel costs are borne by the IBEAR program.

A 10-day international experiential learning business trip is a required component of the IBEAR Program; paid for by the program. The 2014 trip was to Singapore and Yangon. The 2015 international experiential learning program, “Doing Business in Southeast Asia,” brought the class to Jakarta and Bangkok. The 2016 trip explores two unique cities in China, Shanghai and Nanjing.
One 3-day domestic trip to a key business city in the United States as part of our domestic experiential learning program, “Doing Business in the United States.” Cities visited include Seattle, San Francisco and New York. Students have the opportunity to visit Fortune 500 companies and cutting-edge start-ups to gain insights into the companies and industries. These trips are an excellent way for participants to expand their professional networks. The IBEAR program pays for the cost of travel and hotel.

IBEAR’s new Professional Development Program awards each student a grant of up to $500 a year to participate in conferences, networking events or in any activity that enhances professional development. This may include company visits and job scouting related travel outside LA. Participation at such events cannot be at the cost of missing class.
Personalized Career Development services are accessible to all self-sponsored students. Tuned to the unique needs of mid-career global professionals, IBEAR’s dedicated career advisor creates career development workshops and year-round networking opportunities, giving participants the competitive advantage needed to be successful. Given the small class size, the career advisor is able to work closely with each individual participant, helping them develop their career advancement capabilities.
Two-day Asia/Pacific Business Outlook Program ( is a required part of the IBEAR Program-paid for by the program. 

For more information on the Marshall IBEAR MBA Program, please visit:

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