Nanyang MBA 及び EMBA 入学審査官と教授による学校説明会

ナンヤン工科大学は、1991年に設置されたシンガ ポールの国立大学の一つです。NANYANG MBAは、アジアビジネスにフォーカスしたプログラムであり、理論やケーススタディに加え、コンサルティングプロジェクトを通じて、ビジネスを実践的に学ぶことができます。

Full-time programは12ヶ月というインテンシブなコースですが、約20の国々から集まる仲間と共に、グローバルリーダーになるための要素を徹底的に鍛えることができます。
また、デュアルディグリープログラムも充実しており、MBA & MSc in Management with either St. Gallen or ESSEC Business School、日本国内では早稲田大学とのダブルディグリープログラムも用意されています。

さらに、EMBA program(part-time program)は14ヶ月プログラムで、仕事を継続しながら学ぶ方を対象としています。シンガポールでのセッションに加えて、USのパートナー校である、2週間のUC Berkeley, 1週間のWharton Schoolのセッションも提供されます。

Associate Dean及びProfessorが各プログラムの説明を行います。Nanyang MBAに興味のある方、Full time MBAもしくはEMBAどちらのプログラムが自分にフィットしているか確認したい方、ぜひお待ちしております。

Full time program

Young and research-intensive, Nanyang Technological University Singapore (NTU) is ranked 12th in the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) Global University Rankings. It is also placed 1st among the world’s best young universities. NTU offers engineering, science, business, humanities, arts and social sciences and has a joint medical school with Imperial College London. Situated in Asia’s most liveable city, Singapore, the 12-month full-time Nanyang MBA programme offered by the Nanyang Business School allows participants will gain a global perspective on management issues applied within the Asian context. This knowledge will help the future leaders to navigate the globalised, multicultural work environments with ease.

Participants of the Nanyang MBA Programme, currently ranked at 22nd on the Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2018, may choose to specialise in either the Banking and Finance, Strategy and Innovation track, General Management, Human Capital Management and Marketing Management track. Those who like to extend their education journey beyond Singapore may choose the 14-month Nanyang-Waseda Double MBA programme or a 24-month double masters degree in France or Switzerland with ESSEC Business School or St. Gallen respectively.

Strategy Projects at Nanyang or SPAN in short is a unique opportunity whereby the MBA participants work with organisations on “live” strategy consulting projects. Through this project, the participants are encouraged to apply the latest business thinking and insights to analyse market opportunities and address business challenges of the sponsor organisations.

The Keystone Course "Leading People Globally" prepares participants to become effective leaders of multicultural and globalised workplaces. Participants will learn negotiation, talent management, leadership and cultural intelligence skills to better understand and manage intercultural interactions while "Strategy Projects at Nanyang" allows participants to work as consultants on real business challenges of our sponsor organisation and deliver practical recommendations through rigorous research and guidance to address real world business challenges faced by these organisations.

Every year, this prestigious programme attracts high-calibre individuals from diverse professional backgrounds and provides them with fresh perspectives to become effective leaders. With a powerful alumni network of over 230,000 NTU alumni members in 157 countries and over 50,000 Nanyang Business School alumni members in 89 countries, experience your personal and professional transformation with the leading MBA in Singapore which will enable you to take on leadership roles anywhere in the world.

EMBA program

The Nanyang EMBA is a 14-month prestigious programme starting in January. The programme is divided into 5 two-week segments including two weeks at UC Berkeley and one week at The Wharton School, giving participants an opportunity to pursue the programme without losing focus on their work commitments. Highly regarded by the business community, our EMBA consistently achieves high rankings in Financial Times ranking tables.

The curriculum focuses on important trends identified in today’s workplace environment such as technological disruption and increased globalization. Drawing on NTU’s expertise in new technology such as AI and Blockchain, the Nanyang EMBA curriculum emphasises on the new trends of the world while training a global business mind set to ensure our participants bring their companies forward in this age requiring an appreciation for technological trends and business agility. Throughout the programme, participants would be able to gain exposure on issues relating to technological changes and Industry 4.0. A module exemplifying this is the newly developed “Leap to Peak Performance in Industry 4.0” which features instructors who are domain experts in emerging technological areas of AI and Blockchain. Through this sharing, participants would be able to understand the technological advancements and when complemented with our expertise in Digital Marketing Strategies, participants would be able to chart a winning strategy for their organisation in the unfamiliar environment of Industry 4.0.

As a capstone of the Nanyang EMBA, participants embark on LiNC; a consulting project to apply what they have learnt on a real world business problem. With guidance from experienced professors and applying all they have learned throughout the EMBA, participants would act as consultants or domain experts to address the problems identified in the industry project, cumulating in the delivery of a final report and presentation to the sponsor company. Through such an experiential learning opportunity, participants would be able to reinforce their learning through practical hands-on opportunities which would be invaluable to the company.

One of the key pillars of the Nanyang EMBA to develop versatile and agile leaders. Through the course; “The Heartbeat of Leadership”, participants would be able to improve their ‘Leadership Quotient’ through a 9-month coaching programme. Through this module, participants would be able to understand themselves better and thus develop a leadership style that would make them more effective in the organisation.


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