当日はMBA Recruitment and Admissions ManagerであるMrs. Paola Eicherによるプログラム説明に加えて、卒業生の留学体験談も実施予定です。

Join IMD’s MBA Recruitment and Admissions Manager, Mrs. Paola Eicher alongside our MBA Alumni to understand what makes the IMD MBA a unique 1 year program in Europe.
The IMD MBA is a one year, full time leadership journey for those with the ambitions to make a real difference in a complex and rapidly changing world.

 IMD's campusis situated in the international environment of Lausanne, Switzerland. Surrounded by lakes, vineyards and mountains, the country offers not only a beautiful setting, but is also the leading country for innovation and is a leading global FinTech hub.

 While here, our participants are exposed to the local eco-system of technology and research programs, startups, NGOS and sports federations.

 Numerous multinational companies have also chosen to base their headquarters in this region, from the traditional finance and banking sectors to pharma and luxury goods as well as industry leaders such as Cisco, Nestle, Philip Morris and Medtronic. And about 9,000 executives from multinationals around the world, choose IMD to continue their learning development and participate in our top-ranked executive programs.




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