SAT Strategy Reading and Writing クラス体験授業(英語授業)



If you are interested in preparing for the SAT, but are having doubts as to whether an SAT preparation class is for you, please come join our trial lesson on June 9th in Shibuya.
The 60 minute session will both introduce the test and allow students to work through various questions learning strategies to do well on the exam. The verbal portion of the test will be addressed.
If you enjoy the strategy-based lesson taught by a native English-speaking instructor, you have the choice to sign up for the Summer courses in June and July based on your school calendar.

Observation Details
Date & Time: 6/9 (Sun) 11:00am-12:00pm
Location: Shibuya <Map:
What to Bring: a pencil and your brain
☆TOEFL(R) iBT 無料模擬試験実施中☆
英語資格試験未受験の方は、当セミナーと併せて、現状の英語力の把握、ならびに具体的な準備の第一歩として、「TOEFL(R) iBT無料模擬試験」 へのご参加をお勧めいたします。

オンラインサービス、イベントのご予約、資料請求等をご希望の方は オンライン登録(無料)をお願いいたします。

開催日一覧: 他の日には予定されておりません