Nanyang MBA 入学審査官による学校説明会

ナンヤン工科大学は、1991年に設置されたシンガ ポールの国立大学の一つです。NANYANG MBAは、アジアビジネスにフォーカスしたプログラムであり、理論やケーススタディに加え、ビジネススタディミッション(BSM)などを通じてビジネスを 実践的に学ぶことができます。12ヶ月というインテンシブなコースですが、約20の国々から集まる仲間と共に、グローバルリーダーになる ための要素を徹底的に鍛えることができます。

また、デュアルディグリープログラムも充実しており、MBA & MSc in Management with either St. Gallen or ESSEC Business School、日本国内では早稲田大学とのダブルディグリープログラムプログラムも用意されています。

Situated in Asia’s most livable city, Singapore, Nanyang MBA is an intensive global MBA, with a focus in Asia. This 12month Full-Time (20-month Part-Time) MBA programme will have stronger focus on leadership, and provide deeper insight and applications to industry. You will do a ‘live’ strategy project with a company or organisation (Strategy Projects at Nanyang) and a business study mission in another country. You can also obtain two degrees by choosing Nanyang-Waseda Double MBA (14-month) and Double Masters Degree (MBA & MSc in Management) with either St. Gallen or ESSEC Business School (24-month). Highly qualified international faculty and senior level industry experts lead interactive learning sessions, obtain a valuable learning experience with a select and diverse group of highly talented individuals from around the world. Be a part of a family of over 180,000 NTU and 38,000 NBS alumni in 127 countries.

The Nanyang MBA is ranked 3rd in Asia and is Singapore's No. 1 MBA (24th in the Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2017). Every year, this prestigious programme attracts high-calibre individuals from diverse professional backgrounds and provides them with fresh perspectives to become effective leaders.

Through a rigorous 12-month curriculum with double degree opportunities with Waseda Business School, St. Gallen and ESSEC Business School, participants gain both industry and international exposure, develop leadership and managerial skills, and acquire the skill sets to lead the Asian market within a globalised context.

The Keystone Course "Leading People Globally" prepares participants to become effective leaders of multicultural and globalised workplaces. Participants will learn negotiation, talent management, leadership and cultural intelligence skills to better understand and manage intercultural interactions while "Strategy Projects at Nanyang" allows participants to work as consultants on real business challenges of our sponsor organisation and deliver practical recommendations through rigorous research and guidance to address real world business challenges faced by these organisations.

With a powerful alumni network of 210,000 NTU alumni members in 157 countries and 46,000 Nanyang Business School alumni members in 89 countries, experience a personal & professional transformation with the leading MBA in Singapore that will enable you to take on leadership roles anywhere in the world.


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