USC IBEAR MBA (1年間) 説明会 10/8開催

ロサンゼルスの南カリフォルニア大学(USC),Marshall School of BusinessのIBEAR MBAプログラムをご紹介します。

IBEAR (International Business Education and Research) MBAプログラムは、Mid-Career(中間管理職)マネージャー対象のインターナショナルビジネスにフォーカスした12ヶ月の集中プログラムです。世界各国から学生が集まり、多様性に富んだ環境で世界トップクラスの授業を受けることができます。

今回はIBEARプログラムのディレクターであるDr. Richard Drobnick と Ms.Fujiko TerayamaMs.Fujiko が来日し、プログラムについてご説明いただきます。

The International Business Education and Research MBA, IBEAR MBA, is a one-year, accelerated, international MBA program for experienced managers with a global focus. Participants are 34 years old on average, with about 10 years of work experience. In a typical class of about 56 participants, 10-15 are from North America, while 40-45 participants are from Pacific Rim economies, mostly from Asia, with a few from Latin America and Europe. Delivered at USC’s Los Angeles campus, the curriculum is mostly lockstep and designed to provide a general management education, emphasizing critical thinking and problem solving skills in a global marketplace.

The capstone course, the International Business Consulting Project, attracts many companies located in the United States and Pacific Rim to solve real-life strategic entry, marketing, corporate reorganization or M&A issues. This 17-week course requires two weeks of primary research around the world and delivers proprietary recommendations to client companies.

The Marshall School of Business is investing heavily in the IBEAR MBA program to transform it into one of the foremost one-year MBA programs in the world. IBEAR MBA is seeking applicants from the corporate, government, and NGO world, in order to form a highly select class of 56 participants with top talent and superior work experience. Multiple merit-based scholarships are available to high caliber self-sponsored participants both from the US and overseas. Self-sponsored participants are also eligible for the off campus housing subsidy at an attractive location is provided through IBEAR’s residential college program.

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【日時】2014年10月8日 (水) 19:00 – 21:00