Trinity College Dublin(アイルランド)マスタークラス(無料) 11/7(火)開催


Trinity Collegeは、Oxford, Cambridgeと並ぶ超優良大学の一つであり、北米東海岸をはじめ、英語圏を中心に強いブランドを誇っています。中世からの歴史を有する大学ですが、そのMBAプログラムは、国際企業が多数進出するダブリンという立地を活かし、起業プログラム、ネットワークを生かした企業プロジェクトを中心に大変実践的です。

Mr. Michael Flynn(MBA Director)が来日し、International Businessをテーマにマスタークラスを実施致します。今回は、「Brexit(イギリスのEU離脱)」の動向にも触れてセッションをしますので、欧州のビジネススクールに進学をご検討の方は、トリニティカレッジを受けるか否かは別にして是非ご参会ください!また、多数の国際企業を魅了するダブリンの街や、名門Trinity CollegeとそのMBAプログラムについてお話致します。Flynn氏は、滞日経験が豊富であり、日本語の達者な親日家です。同校を志望される方のみならず、広く留学を御検討中の方、アイルランドや欧州にご関心をお持ちの方々も含め、積極的にご参加下さい!

 MASTERCLASS : International Business
Michael Flynn will deliver a masterclass on International Business.
This will be a stimulating and thought provoking master class. Items for discussion include Globalization and the impact of ongoing political, economic and technological developments at the global and regional level and particularly Brexit and its impact on the UK, the EU and trading nations such as Japan.

Michael Flynn is a lecturer In Strategy, International Business and Entrepreneurship with a prime focus in International Entrepreneurship. He holds degrees in Law, Political Science, Management, Economics and Japanese and was educated at the University of Queensland, Australia, University of Cambridge, U.K., Sophia University, Tokyo and Trinity College Dublin. Prior to his career in academia, Michael worked in Law and Industry for many years including founding a number of companies and working in CEO roles both in the Asia Pacific region and in Europe. In addition to lecturing, Michael is currently the Director of the Trinity MBA program and oversees the delivery of one of Europe’s most dynamic MBA’s.

About the Trinity MBA
Ranked in the top 15 MBA’s in Europe and within the top 40 globally (Eduniversal and QS), the Trinity MBA has developed a name for itself by delivering a program that is focused on the professional and leadership potential of candidates and by its famous “project methodology” where students are deployed into blue chip international companies and entrepreneurial start-ups where they run a number of projects with senior management teams.

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