IE MBA 模擬授業:11/20(月)・スペシャルプレゼンテーション:11/29(水)開催

1120日月曜日 1930分~21

Master Class: Emotional Leadership by Professor Carlos Pallero

心理学・リーダーシップの教授であるCarlos Pallero教授による模擬授業です。

The demands of today’s job market require advanced leadership models. Being an expert in a field does not guarantee efficient team management Studies show that Emotional Intelligence accounts for up to 30% of an organization’s goals. With this course you can manage your emotions and those of your team to boost joint talents and generate new productive synergies.


1129日水曜日 1900分~22

IE Big Data Day Tokyo – Transforming Business through Data

Tableau社、TreasureData社のデータ分析のプ ロフェッショナルたちと、IEのBig Data Advisorを迎え、データ分析がどのようにビジネスに影響するのかを、初心者にも分かりやすく 説明します。

According to IBM, 90% of global data was created in the last 2 years alone. Now, capability to measure, analyze and utilize data is a key competitive indicator for any companies regardless of sector, business size, and whether you like it or not. We are pleased to have wonderful guest speakers from Tableau and Treasure Data to discuss how data can be utilized in the real business world today. Participation fee is free. The session will be followed by networking cocktail over tapas.