IE MBA 模擬授業 1/26(金)開催

2018126日金曜日 19時~21
Geopolitics in an Age of Populism: Dr. Milo Jones

IEのInternational MBAにおける地政学の人気教授、Milo Jones博士による模擬授業です。

 Geopolitical shocks are back in the news: Brexit, rising populism in America and the EU, migrant crises, the Arab Spring, commodity busts, etc. An awareness of the geopolitical forces behind the headlines can make managing the daily ups and downs of a P&L easier. It can also lead to the earlier recognitions of innovations, opportunities and risks. This session looks at some myths and also what is knowable about four important areas of geopolitical change, and tries to figure out what is currently “bears watching”, and why.

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