Macquarie University Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MCGM) 入学審査官による学校説明会 10/26(木)開催

MGSMはオーストラリア初のビジネススクールの一つとして1969年に設立されました。MGSMは、2017年ファイナンシャル・タイムズ 誌グローバルMBAランキング及びエコノミスト誌の両方において世界のビジネススクール上位50校に名を連ね、さらに3年連続でオーストラリアのトップビジネススクールとして位置付けられています。

MGSMのMBAプログラムは、産業や組織が直面するチャンスとチャレンジに対して、理論と実践の両面からアプローチするカリキュラムを提供しています。さらに、MGSMのカリキュラムには柔軟性があり、学生は16科目を修了するコースの中で、40を超える選択科目の中から6科目を選択することで、卒業後のキャリアニーズにあわせて学びたいことをカスタマイズすることができます。さらに、MGSMのMBAコースは2年間のプログラムですが、学生のコース履修パターンによっては、2年以内にプログラムを修了することができるオプションも用意されています。さらに、授業だけではなく、MGSMのもつ18000人を超えるCEO, 経営幹部、起業家、政治家で構成されたアラムナイネットワークにアクセスすることができます。




About MGSM

As one of Australia’s first business management schools, MGSM was established to meet the growing need for postgraduate education as Sydney secured its position as Australia’s dynamic centre of business. Today, MGSM is recognised not just as Australia’s premier management schools but one of few with global endorsement.

MGSM are proud to be ranked among the top 50 business schools in the world by both The Financial Times Global MBA Rankings and The Economist ‘Which MBA’ Survey* and #1 MBA in Australia 3 years in a row.

At MGSM, pathways to leadership are built on teaching and practice that are firmly grounded in industry relevance, real-world experience and transformational thinking. The school’s progressive and practical approach equips graduates and corporate partners to approach business from a new perspective—– a perspective that delivers innovative solutions and sustainable value for businesses and communities alike.

Since their inception in 1969, innovation through partnerships with business, industry government and community has been a cornerstone of the MGSM experience and our growing reputation. Connections with local and global corporations not only inform the curriculum but provide unrivalled opportunities for research, collaboration, work experience and employment. MGSM’s approach to developing global leaders has created an alumni network of more than 18,000 boasting CEOs and countless members of the C-suite, entrepreneurs, consultants, directors and politicians. You will have a lifelong network of opportunity through the engagement of corporate partners and fellow alumni.

MGSM has consistently succeeded in delivering one of the world’s leading Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs.  The program is designed to extend the knowledge, skills and experience of its students through the analysis of opportunities and challenges facing industries and organisations. Covering all key aspects of business management, the MGSM MBA curriculum is grounded in industry reality which, combined with a highly practical approach, bridges the gap between theory and real-world application.

As flexible as it is practical, over the course of 16 units, you can tailor your experience by selecting 6 of more than 40 available elective units, enabling you to deepen your knowledge within a certain field. The MGSM MBA is a 24 month full time program of study however students may have the opportunity to fast-track the program and complete it earlier by studying a higher load.

For international MBA students, your time in Sydney promises to be professionally and personally rewarding. As Australia’s business hub and gateway to the Asia-Pacific region, Sydney provides the opportunities of a globally connected, multicultural professional environment to grow your professional experience and further your career.

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*2017 Surveys

開催日時:10月26日 (木) 19:00 – 21:00