SAT(R) Preparation

The official SATR is administered six times a year in Japan and both the SAT(R) Reasoning Test and Subject Tests are scheduled on the same day and the same time. Therefore, it will be important to make a test-taking plan well in advance of the application deadline of colleges you are targeting.

To get high scores on the test, you will need to develop your reading skills and learn how to analyze and solve problems within strict time limits. AGOS's SAT(R) experts have thoroughly analyzed question types of each section and developed strategies on how to tackle tricky questions to maximize your scores. Our test-taking strategies will help you recognize recurring test themes quickly and eliminate trap answer choices accurately. Courses are taught in English by exhaustively trained and experienced instructors, who regularly monitor test trends in order to ensure our strategies are current.

As a part of our SAT(R) preparation courses, you will take our own internally-developed full-length diagnostic tests. These provide an excellent opportunity to practice question types and time manegement in an authentic environment.

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Distinguishing Features and Selling Points of AGOS SAT(R) courses

  • ・5 week or 8 week intensive courses available (March, June, July)
  • ・4 week Advanced Practice course (September, October)
  • ・New Advanced level class designed for test takers aiming at top-ranked schools
  • ・Small-sized class
  • ・All courses taught in English by exhaustively trained and experienced instructors
  • ・Full-length diagnostic tests included

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