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Columbia LL.M. FAQ

◆ Submit Your Application

Q. I missed the application deadline of December 18, 2020. Can I still apply for the 2021–2022 program?

A. No. Check back in September 2020 for the application to the 2022–2023 program.

【チェックポイント】Columbiaの場合は12月18日までに書類一式を提出することが求められます。締め切り日以降に提出した書類も席の空き状況に応じて受け入れる(Rolling Admissions Cycle System)を導入するロースクールとは条件が異なりますのでご注意ください。

Q. Do I need to wait for LSAC to process my transcripts, letters of recommendation, and TOEFL scores before I can submit my online application?

A. No. Submit your online application as soon as you have completed it. LSAC’s Credential Assembly Service (CAS) will forward a copy of these documents to us in a report that will automatically attach itself to your application.

Columbiaへの出願に限らず、LSAC (Law School Admissions Council)の出願書類提出サービス(Credential Assembly Service:通称CAS)使用が多くのロースクールで必須となっています。成績表、テストスコアレポート、推薦状の準備が整い次第、LSACへ随時提出してください。

Q. LSAC told me that my documents will not be processed by the December 18, 2020 deadline. Will my application still be considered?

A. Yes. Our application deadline is a postmark deadline. This means that your online application must be submitted and your transcripts and letters of recommendation posted by mail to LSAC by December 18, 2020. We account for delays in processing.

上記回答箇所にはTranscript(成績表)とletters of recommendation (推薦状)はLSACへ12月18日までに必着です。特に推薦状をオンラインではなく郵送する際には十分な時間を確保ください。

Q, Does applying through the Early Review Program increase my chances of admission?

A. No. This program only guarantees a decision by late December. We encourage early applications for those who feel they have compiled their strongest possible application by November 1.

「11月1日のEarly Review Programを逃すと合格確率が下がりますか?」という質問をよく受けます。最重要事項は、早期出願書類提出が目的ではなく、合格水準するレベルの書類を提出することです。

Q. Will Columbia confirm that my application was received?

A. Yes, we will send you an email confirmation that includes a link to our online Application Status page. We will also notify you when your application is deemed complete. In order to be sensitive to all cultures and identities, we address official application correspondence to your first and last name.

受験生の誰しもが出願書類の受領状況は気になるところですが、上述の通りan e-mail confirmationの着信状況を自らのメールアカウントでご確認ください。

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