IEフルタイムMBAプログラムにBusiness Extension Moduleが新設

IE日本オフィスの方から、IE Full-time MBAプログラムに新たなモジュール設立の案内をいただきました。

通常12ヶ月で修了するFull-time MBAプログラムに加えて、5-6ヶ月のBEM(Business Extension Module)を履修することで、追加でコンサルプロジェクトやスタートアップ等を経験しトータルで最長17か月のプログラムとすることが可能になりました。

Business Extension Module

Further extend your personalized learning through the optional Business Extension Module (BEM). This five- to six-month module, undertaken after completing the International MBA, is designed to help you focus your career goals as part of your MBA journey.

The BEM is included in the MBA for students beginning their program in the September 2021 and January 2022 intakes. With it, you will remain an IE Business School student, continuing on to boost your employability and career prospects by gaining an extra certification in a track of your choice.

Above all, this extension gives those students who need it even more time to fine-tune their skills. You’ll be able to focus your career search, put your skills to the test through corporate projects or internships, complete a High-Impact Online Program (HIOP) or even take part in an international exchange. And for any startup founders, the extended Venture Lab could be the defining period to ensure a successful market launch.

The Business Extension Module allows students to choose one of the four specializations offered:

Consulting Track: Corporate Project, HIOP and Electives
Enterprise Track: Internship, Electives and optional HIOP
International Track: Internship or Corporate Project + HIOP Long Exchange
Entrepreneurial Track: Extended Venture Lab, Electives and optional HIOP

All four tracks feature language learning, personalized coaching and one-on-one Career Booster sessions.

このほかにも、Short exchange week/Social innovation treks/International long exchangeといったオプションもあります。さらに、dual degree programもありますので、皆さんのニーズにあわせて最適なプログラムを選ぶことが可能です。

Chizuko Okada